NFT projects

Cypherkicks is a NFT collection available on the Cardano Blockchain. Cypherkicks NFTs offer utility, ranging from discounts at real physical stores, airdrops, access to special drops, and more.

Hypebeasts is a collection of 5,000 next-gen avatars on the Cardano blockchain.
​The Hypebeasts collection aims to bring the streetwear and fashion industries to the web3 ecosystem on Cardano.

VRJD Consultancy

Our Specialties


We give lectures on bitcoin and associated blockchain technologies


VRJD Consultancy supports individuals and small to large companies with new technology (web3, blockchain)

NFT service

We create your NFT collections on the blockchain from A to Z


With our knowledge and experience, we help your organization to participate in the new digital world

Want to join a growing business in Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) but don't know how?

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